Molluscan Models30

3.1. In Vivo Regeneration and Synaptic Connectivity 30

3.2. The Molluscan Cell Culture Techniques 31

3.3. In Vitro Reconstruction of Neuronal Networks 31

3.4. Transmitter-Receptor Interactions: A Mechanism for Synapse Specificity 33

3.5. Synaptic Hierarchy: A Putative Mechanism for

Determining Synapse Specificity 33

3.6. Interspecies Synaptogenesis between Molluscan Neurons 33

3.7. The Soma-Soma Synapse Model 34

3.8. Trophic Factors, Synapse Formation and Synaptic Plasticity 34

3.9. Synaptogenic Program Suppresses Neurite Outgrowth 36

3.10. Synapse Specific Protein Synthesis, Gene Induction, and Synaptic Plasticity 36

3.11. Regulation of Synapse Number and Synaptic Scaling 39

3.12. In Vivo Synapse Formation and Behavioral Recovery

Following Single Cell Transplantation 40


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