Lama2, see Laminin, a2 Lama4, see Laminin, a4

Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome,

family of, 172

synaptogenetic activity of, 172-173 Laminins; see also NMJ, subsynaptic architecture presynaptic differentiation, role in, 23-24 Lateral diffusion of receptors, see Neurotransmitter receptor lateral diffusion, in synaptogenesis Lateral geniculate nucleus, 188, 301 Left pedal dorsal 1, 35 L-EGF, see Lymnaea EGF Leukemia, 453

LGN, see Lateral geniculate nucleus LIM kinase, 252 Liprin- aprotein, 47 Lithium chloride, 453 LN agrin, 17

Localized synaptic protein translation, 61

Long-term depression, 155, 183, 263, 333, 365, 373-374 and behavioral sensitization, 475 Long-term memory, 37 Long-term potentiation, 90, 333, 365, 378

in cortical-amydgala pathway,

382-383 and fear, 381-382 thalamic amydgala, 382 LPeD1, see Left pedal dorsal 1 LTD, see Long-term depression LTM, see Long-term memory LTP, see Long-term potentiation L-type voltage gated calcium channels, 382 L-VGCCs, see L-type voltage gated calcium channels Lymnaea EGF, 36 Lymnaea stagnalis, 30-32, 36

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