a5 KO


No overt neurological phenotype

Enhanced hippocampus-dependent spatial learning and trace fear conditioning

No alteration in non-hippocampal-dependent learning and anxiety tasks

Reduced P2/3 and 72 Lack of tonic conductance in cultured hippocampal cells

a5 H105R* (24)

Normal locomotor function Reduction of DZ-induced myorelaxation Facilitated trace fear conditioning

Reduced a5 in hippocampus Reduced P2/3 and 72

a6 KO

Enhanced DZ-induced motor impairment

Post-translational loss of 8 in cerebellum

Reduced a1,P2, P3, and 72 Compensatory increase of TASK-1 K+ leak channels

P2 KO (16)

Viable, fertile, increased locomotor activity No spontaneous seizures

Loss of more than 50% of all GABAA receptors Reduced a1-a6

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