in spine formation, 153-154 EphA5-Fc fusion protein, 154 EphB receptors, 154 EphB2 allele, 155 EphB2, 250-251 EphB2lacZ knock, 155 EphrinB-EphB receptor signaling, 158

Ephrins expression of, 153 localization of, 153 in regulating synaptic plasticity, 154-155 Eps8, 252

EPSP, see excitatory postsynaptic current

ER, see Endoplasmic reticulum ErB4, 182

ErbB-4 receptor tyrosine kinase, 338 ERC, see ELKs-Rab6-interacting protein-CAST Erf2p/Erf4p protein complex, 74 Excitatory postsynaptic current, 4 Exocyst complex, 371-373 Extracellular matrix (ECM), 15; see also ECM signaling, in synaptogenesis molecules, 164

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