We extend our greatest gratitude to the chapter authors for their outstanding contribution and timely efforts. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all colleagues who provided us with valuable information and beautiful images for the book cover. We are in debt to all members of our groups and, in particular, Galina Dityateva, Joshua Levinson, Kimberly Gerrow, and Marie-France Lisé for stimulating discussions on synaptogenesis. Many thanks to the kind and astute influences that Drs. Nazeeh Khalidi, Musa Khalidi, Hans Jacobs, Robert Shiu, Jean Paterson, Steven Vincent, David Bredt, and Roger Nicoll had on Alaa El-Husseini's research interests and career development, and as many thanks to Drs. Alexander Bart, Valery Kohzanov, Vladimir Levchenko, Peter Clamann, and Melitta Schachner, for their generous support of Alexander Dityatev. Thanks to organizations, such as the Brain Research Centre at the University of British Columbia, which have helped us to realize the significance of this project, to our families and close friends for their generous support, and to Claire Wynperle and Veronika Gorbacheva who served as Editorial Assistants during the long and arduous process of assembling this book.

Alaa El-Husseini Alexander Dityatev

Vancouver, British Columbia Hamburg, Germany

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