a-Dystroglycan, 288 D396X, 120-122 DAG, see Diacylglycerol D-amphetamine, 481 Dap160, 55

de novo protein synthesis, 37 Delay eyeblink conditioning, 353-354 Dendrites, growth of arbor growth of, 299

filopodial motility of, 299-301 glutamatergic synaptic transmission, effect of, 302-303 growth in intact tissues, 298-299 neuronal growth, influences in, 301 neurotransmission-mediated,

304-306 versus synaptogenesis, 303-304 Dendritic filopodia, 153, 299-301 Dendritic spines actin regulatory proteins in, 249-250 myosin functions in, 206 structure of, 262-264 Dendritogenesis, 303-304 Depression, 378 altered synaptogenesis in, 425-428 animal models of, 421-423 defining, 420-421 pathophysiology of, 423-425 Dexamethasone test, 422 DGC, see Dystrophin glycoprotein complex DHHC, 74 Diacylglycerol, 181 Disabled (Dab-1) signaling pathway, 174

Distal dendrites, 198 DLC1/DLC2, 202 DLPFC, see Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

DN-cadherin in Drosophila, 84 Dorsal root ganglion, 380

Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, 403 DREAM, 335

DRG, see Dorsal root ganglion Drosophila melonagaster, 24, 30, 44-45, 98, 126, 156, 249, 260 cadherin functions in, 92 methods for studying, 46-49 molecular mechanisms of, see Drosophila, molecular mechanisms of Semaphorin II, 53 synapse development genes, 50-51 Drosophila, molecular mechanisms of NMJ assembly, 53-56 synapse development, regulatory mechanism of, 56-61 synaptic activity, role of, 61-62 synaptic target recognition, 51-53 Drosophila PIX, 56 Drosophila Wishful Thinking, 58 Drug addiction, 474 Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, 288 dunce mutants, synaptic activity in, 100 Dyneins, 199 Dystroglycan, 21

Dystrophin glycoprotein complex, 288-289

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