Recent data suggest that altering the balance between synaptic proteins such as PSD-95, neurexins, and neuroligins may result in altered E/I synaptic input. These results are intriguing since a recent model based on clinical observations proposes that autism may result from an abnormal increase in E/I synaptic ratio. Future studies are required to further examine whether alterations in the expression of specific genes implicated in autism may regulate the E/I synaptic balance and trigger abnormal neuronal excitability. However, considering the heterogeneity of factors involved in autism, it is possible that synaptic imbalance is triggered by many other genes unrelated to neuroligins but function similarly to regulate the E/I synaptic ratio. Thus, a better understanding in this area of research may clarify a fundamental mechanism responsible for triggering the abnormalities associated with autism.


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Aspergers Answers Revealed

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