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Walking is affected by parkinsonism throughout the course of the disease. The most significant risk of gait disturbances in PD is falls with its deleterious consequences like fractures, fear of falling and ''self chosen home arrest''. At the early stages of the disease when falls risk is low, patients and their care givers should be encourage to adapt healthy lifestyle, and instruct to treating all risk factors for atherosclerosis, dementia and deterioration of physical fitness. Daily exercise can be adopted at this stage to prepare for the future when physical deterioration is inevitable. As the disease progressed, and falls risk become a real danger medical, surgical, mental and physical interventions should be all aimed towards the preservation of independent mobilization and avoid falls. It is a long-term task, which needs a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, internists, ophthalmologists, physical therapists, and many others. Beside the role of the multidisciplinary team it is the role of the patient and the caregivers tounderstand right from the early stages that voiding falls is a long term task which required constant attention and effort. Only when all forces are combined and talk with each others, falls can be delayed and even prevented.

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