Stress Exposure Training

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Information provision

Patient education

Skill Building

Skill acquisition and practice

Physiological feedback and training

Cognitive Schema

Confidence building -application and practice

Cognitive coping techniques, desensitization in virtual reality then in vivo (real life)

Degree of Exposure



Training Generalization

Training generalizes to reallife missions

Therapy generalizes to real-life situations

Content Generalization

Skills generalize to novel tasks and novel stressors

Other phobias not specifically trained show improvement

Method of Exposure

Gradual increase in stressors results in skill building

Gradual exposure is important

VR Advantages

Virtual reality simulations crucial in allowing for a gradual increase in stressors

Virtual reality simulations allow for over-learning and gradual exposure to more and more intense situations

Internal Belief

A sense of control and mastery occurs

Self-efficacy and a sense of mastery occurs

Ongoing Support

Refresher sessions provide maintenance of skills

Booster sessions provide maintenance of skills

Pace of Exposure

Initial exposure to high-demand/high-stress conditions does not result in skill development and generalization

Flooding does not result in development of skills

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