Prepare a 5x stock solution in 1 liter of H2O:

54 g of Tris base

27.5 g of boric acid

The 0.5x working solution is 45 mM Tris-borate/1 mM EDTA.

TBE is usually made and stored as a 5x or 10x stock solution. The pH of the concentrated stock buffer should be approx. 8.3. Dilute the concentrated stock buffer just before use and make the gel solution and the electrophoresis buffer from the same concentrated stock solution. Some investigators prefer to use more concentrated stock solutions of TBE (10x as opposed to 5x). However, 5x stock solution is more stable because the solutes do not precipitate during storage. Passing the 5x or 10x buffer stocks through a 0.22-pm filter can prevent or delay formation of precipitates.

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