Nucleic Acids and Oligonucleotides

DNA immobilized on membrane Poly(A) RNA (10 mg/ml) in sterile H2O

Optional, for hybridization buffers. Prepare solution by dissolving poly(A) RNA in sterile H2O and store in 100-pl aliquots.

Probe A

For Southern analysis of mammalian genomic DNA, where each lane of the gel contains 10 pg of DNA, use 1020 ng/ml radiolabeled probe DNA or RNA (sp. act. 3109 cpm/pg). For Southern analysis of cloned DNA fragments, where each band of the restriction digest contains 10 ng of DNA or more, much less probe is required. When analyzing cloned DNA, hybridization is carried out for 6-8 hours using 1-2 ng/ml radiolabeled probe (sp. act. 106 to 109 cpm/pg). Labeling should be carried out according to the methods described in Chapter 9 or 10.

Salmon sperm DNA (approx. 10 mg/ml) O

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