Brain-injured patients may benefit from advice and treatment given by a variety of experts working as a team: neurorehabilitation physician, clinical neuropsychologist, rehabilitation nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist,

Table 2.4 The Glasgow Outcome Scale79-81 Score Outcome Features

1 Dead Self-explanatory

2 Persistent vegetative state Non-sentient, no interaction with others, has sleep-wake cycles and intact brain stem reflexes

Conscious, disabled to the point of needing help from someone for basic functions for at least part of each day

Independent in daily life, but physical or other deficits limit employability and personal development

Return to a wide range of normal activities, often employed, with a range of skills and abilities broadly similar to pre-injury, but not necessarily identical speech and language therapist, and medical social worker/care manager. Continuity of care and information about the ability of the patient and family to cope in the community can be obtained by home visits from liaison social workers, occupational therapists, or other TBI workers. The more severe the TBI the more useful an interdisciplinary and goal orientated approach to the patient's problems is likely to be, but even moderately and mildly brain injured patients may benefit.

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