Schneiderian papillomas

The ectodermally derived ciliated respiratory mucosa that lines the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, so-called Schneiderian membrane, gives rise to three morphologically distinct types of papillomas. These are referred to individually as inverted, oncocytic, and exo-phytic papillomas or, collectively, as Schneiderian papillomas. As a group, the Schneiderian papillomas are uncommon, representing only 0.44.7% of all sinonasal tumours {1423}.

lnverted papilloma (Schneiderian papilloma, inverted type)


A papilloma derived from the Schneiderian membrane in which the epithelium invaginates into and proliferates in the underlying stroma.

ICD-O code 8121/1


Inverting papilloma, Schneiderian papil-loma, papillomatosis


Inverted papillomas are two to five times more common in males, and are found primarily in the 40-70 year age group. They are distinctly uncommon in children.

Table 1.3 Distribution of Schneiderian papillomas


Total cases




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