Prognosis and predictive factors

Some precursor lesions are self-limiting and reversible, others persist and some progress to SCC {503}. The histopatho-logic degree of severity of these lesions can be a predictive factor {222,846, 1054,1689}. Simple and basal/parabasal cell hyperplasias have a minimal likelihood of malignant progression (0.9%). These patients do not require close clinical follow-up. Lesions classified as atypical hyperplasia (moderate to severe dysplasia) have a 11% rate of malignant transformation {1054}. Diagnosis of precursor lesions implies a need for close follow-up and complete excision depending on the clinical situation {846,1054}. Patients with carcinoma in-situ require more extensive management, depending on the clinical circumstance {504,1253, 1808,2151,2432}.

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