Oncocytic papillary cystadenoma OPC

Synonyms: oncocytic cyst, oncocytic papillary cystadenomatosis of the larynx, oncocytic adenomatous hyperplasia, oxyphil adenoma, oncocytoma and ade-nolymphoma in laryngocele {1641,2845}.

Laryngeal oncocytic lesions usually consist of unilocular or multilocular cysts lined by cytologically bland oncocytic epithelium with or without intraluminal papillary ingrowths {748,1548}. These lesions probably represent duct hyper-plasia and metaplasia rather than true neoplasia. Most patients are older than 50 years, and present with hoarseness or other symptoms. The most frequent locations are the false vocal cords and the laryngeal ventricular areas {850}. The lesions are not encapsulated, may be multicentric, and can have a Warthin-like lymphoid component {792}. Solid oncy-tomas of the larynx resembling those seen in major salivary glands are rare to absent. Recurrence is uncommon and they have no malignant potential.

Fig. 3.46 Focal ductal oncocytic metaplasia and adjacent area of seromucous glands.
Fig. 3.47 Extensive ductal oncocytic metaplasia and hyperplasia with cystic dilatation.

L.D.R. Thompson J.C. Fanburg-Smith

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