Nearly half of all oral and oropharyngeal salivary tumours are malignant, and in some sites, such as the lower lip, tongue and floor of the oral cavity, the large majority are carcinomas.. It is interesting to note that while 80-90% of labial salivary gland tumours involve the upper lip, there is a 3-5x greater risk of neoplasms in the lower lip being malignant {400,669, 704, 1871,1963}.

Most of the principle types of salivary gland tumour have been reported in the oral cavity. In some tumours such as canalicular adenoma, duct adenomas and polymorphous low-grade adenocar-cinoma, the minor glands are by far the most frequent site of involvement. Whether there are genuine cases of intraoral Warthin tumour, or whether reported examples represent oncocytic hyperpla-sia and metaplasia with reactive lymphocytic infiltration, is contentious {2669}.

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