BSCC expresses cytokeratins and epithelial membrane antigen but the percentage of positive cells is highly variable. To avoid false-negative results, a cocktail of cytokeratin antibodies (i.e. CAM 5.2, AE1/3) is recommended {132}. The antibody 34BE12, directed against high MW cytokeratins is most sensitive for the detection of basaloid cells {117,1774}. In the distinction between BSCC and adenoid cystic carcinoma, absence of myoepithelial cells and the presence of dot-like vimentin expression in BSCC can be helpful. S-100 protein reactivity is not helpful in the differential diagnosis, and if observed, usually corresponds to intermingled dendritic cells. BSCC is negative for chromogranin, synaptophysin, and glial-fibrillary acid protein {117,132,1337}.

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