Although the immunoprofile is non-specific, acinic cell carcinomas are reactive for cytokeratin, transferrin, lactoferrin, alpha 1 -antitrypsin, alpha 1-antichy-motrypsin, IgA, carcinoembryonic anti gen, Leu M1 antigen, cyclooxygenase-2, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, and amylase. The zymogen granules in the neoplastic acinar cells are often non-reactive with anti-a-amylase immunos-tain, an enzyme in zymogen granules of normal serous acinar cells. Reactivity for oestrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and prostate-specific antigen has been described in some tumours {338, 429,995,1031,1049,1214,2230,2296, 2529,2571}. Approximately 10% of tumours are positive for S-100 protein {2529}.

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