Kaposi sarcoma (KS) of the larynx is uncommon and only a few well-documented cases have been reported since 1983, coincident with the time frame during which HIV and AIDS were beginning to be recognized. This finding lends support to the strong association of KS of the larynx with the advanced HIV disease in epidemic AIDS rather than an association with the iatrogenic immunocompro-mised transplant, the endemic African, or the sporadic form. Men are almost exclusively affected, usually in the middle decades of life, presenting with upper airway obstruction. A flat to raised, violaceous, plaque-like mass is usually identified in the supraglottis, although glottic lesions are also frequent. Multifocal involvement is reported. The cut surface is fleshy and demonstrates recent and old haemorrhage. The histology is identical to the various stages of cutaneous KS, although the plaque-tumour stage with its sieve-like vasoformative pattern with eosinophilic, glassy-hyaline intra-

and extracellular globules (PAS positive) is most common. Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) is usually positive, helping to confirm the diagnosis. Biopsy is con-traindicated, as brisk haemorrhage will require emergent tracheostomy and possible death by exsanguination. Treatment is generally nonsurgical, encompassing radiotherapy or chemotherapy (systemic or intralesional). Laryngeal KS is usually non-lethal {191,499,815,1487,1753, 2262,2552}.

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