Leiomyosarcomas arising in the larynx are exceedingly rare accounting for less than 0.1% of all laryngeal malignancies. They present mainly in adults with no gender predilection. Symptoms are nonspecific. Tumours can occur anywhere in the larynx but supraglottic lesions have been more frequently reported. They have a histology similar to leiomyosarco-mas in soft tissues and demonstrate increased cellularity, nuclear and cellular pleomorphism, cytoplasmic vacuoliza-tion, necrosis, haemorrhage, and increased mitotic activity in addition to invasive growth. The diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma requires histologic, immunophenotypic (desmin, actins), and/or ultrastructural (parallel actin filaments, dense bodies and pinocytotic vesicles) confirmation as spindle cell carcinoma must always be excluded. Primary treatment is surgical. A variable prognosis is achieved {840,1247,1530, 1635,1686,1969,2208,2373,2706}.

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