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Lipomas of the larynx and hypopharynx comprise less than 0.5% of benign neoplasms at these sites, occur in all ages and affect both genders equally. The symptoms are non-specific but often include airway obstruction. In the larynx, supraglottic lesions predominate. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance document the lipomatous (low attenuation values and negative densito-metry) nature and the extent of the mass. A lipoma is usually solitary, soft and sessile to polypoid. Tumours are composed of mature adipose cells, occasionally with foci of myxoid stroma. Distinction from well-differentiated liposarcoma is important. Association with systemic lipomatosis has been reported {1770}. Simple but complete excision is curative {329,409,1528,2756,2765}.

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