BSCC has two components, i.e. basaloid and squamous cells. Basaloid cells are small, with hyperchromatic nuclei without nucleoli, and scant cytoplasm. They are closely packed, growing in a solid pattern with a lobular configuration, and in some cases, there is prominent peripheral palisading. Comedo-type necrosis is frequent. Distinctive features of BSCC, not found in SCC, are small cystic spaces containing PAS- and Alcian blue-positive material, and stromal hyaliniza-tion {117,2709}. BSCC is always associated with a SCC component which can be either in-situ carcinoma, or invasive keratinizing SCC. The latter is usually located superficially; it may also present as a focal squamous differentiation within the basaloid tumour islands. The junction between the squamous and basaloid cells may be abrupt {117,132}. Rarely,

BSCC is associated with a spindle cell component {1791}. Metastases may demonstrate basaloid carcinoma, squa-mous carcinoma, or both {688,1578, 2128}.

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