Sheets, islands and nests are composed of large, round to polyhedral cells with fine, granular, eosinophilic cytoplasm and central, round vesicular nuclei, often with prominent nucleoli {257}. Occasionally there are multinucleated cells. In some tumours there are duct-like structures of variable calibre. They are unencapsulated and often invade muscle, lymphatics and nerves. They are characterised cytologically by cellular atypia and pleomorphism. Histochemically, phosphotungstic acid-haematoxylin (PTAH) staining reveals fine, blue, cytoplasmic granulues. Other methods to demonstrate mitochondria such as the Novelli technique, cresylecht violet V, Kluver-Barrera Luxol fast blue stains {2601} and antimitochondrial antibodies can also be used {2343}.

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