The hallmark is the presence of numerous, non-cohesive, bizarre giant cells that contain prominent, frequently multiple nuclei with coarse chromatin and large nucleoli. The cytoplasm is abundant, eosinophilic, sometimes vacuolat-ed, and often contains neutrophils or cellular debris. Additionally, the tumour contains a background population of smaller anaplastic tumour cells. Giant cell carcinoma may exist in a pure or mixed form, in association with SCC, adenocarcino-ma, or spindle cell carcinoma {474,768}.

Fig. 3.28 Giant cell carcinoma. Clusters of pleomorphic giant cells in a background with admixed foamy histiocytes and inflammatory cells.
Fig. 3.29 Giant cell carcinoma. High magnification showing numerous pleomorphic giant cells.

it has been questioned whether giant cell carcinoma is a specific entity {768}.

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