The diagnosis and grading of LCS is based on general criteria for chondrosar-coma {1509}. The low power architecture of LCS is that of a lobulated neoplasm

Fig. 3.62 Chondrosarcoma. CT scan of laryngeal chondrosarcoma demonstrating expansion of the posterior and left lateral aspect of the cricoid cartilage, narrowing the airway. Coarse internal calcifications are present.

with pushing borders. The tumour periphery shows invasive growth of neoplastic lobules into adjacent soft tissue or the marrow spaces of ossified cartilage. The overwhelming majority of LCS are low or intermediate grade, with variability from area to area {28,255,1152,

Fig. 3.61 Chondrosarcoma. A Gross surgical specimen showing a characteristic bulky, lobulated mass of the posterior cricoid. B Cut section of cricoid chondrosarcoma with a solid, partly translucent, grey-white surface, with focal calcification.

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