Multiple structural and numerical abnormalities of these tumours have been reported but no consistent or specific alterations can be defined. Deletions of chromosome 6q, loss of Y and trisomy 21 have been reported {2238}. A recent report of multiple analyses from one tumour showed various structural abnormalities, suggesting a polyclonal derivation {1218}.

Molecular genetics

In the largest molecular analysis of these tumours 21 (84%) of the 25 tumours studied showed LOH in at least one of the 20 loci on chromosomes 1,4,5,6 and 17 {647}. The most frequently altered regions were noted at chromosomes 4p, 5q, 6p and 17p regions. Chromosomes 4p15-16, 6p25-qter and 17p11 showed the highest incidence of alterations.

Another study of multiple spatially obtained samples from one tumour showed evidence for polyclonality suggesting different origins for this tumour {1218}.

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