Expression profiles

A study of nine benign (4 Warthin tumours and 5 pleomorphic adenomas)

and three carcinomas (2 mucoepider-moid and one clear cell carcinoma), using cDNA of 19,000 human expressed sequence tags, identified a small set of genes that separate mucoepidermoid and clear cell carcinomas from normal and benign counterparts. Genes identified in carcinomas were apoptosis related {802}.

A study of adenoid cystic carcinoma using oligonucleotide array platform for 8920 human genes was recently reported {818}. The study identified a set of genes that included basement membrane and extracellular matrix-related genes and genes encoding transcription factors SOX4 and AP-2a and members of the Wnt/p-catenin signalling pathway. A recent study of the gene expression in a cohort of pleomorphic adenomas and in spectrum of malignant tumours has also delineated a potential genetic profile that may be used in the biological investigation of these tumours {1652}.

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