Four different clinical and epidemiologi-cal forms of KS are recognized: 1. classic indolent form occurring predominantly in elderly men of Mediterranean/East European descent, 2. endemic African KS that occurs in middle-aged adults and children in Equatorial Africa who are not HIV infected, 3. iatrogenic KS appearing in solid organ transplant recipients treated with immunosuppres-sive therapy and also in patients treated by immunosuppressive agents, notably corticosteroids, for various diseases {2629}, 4. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-associated KS (AIDS KS), the most aggressive form of the disease, found in HIV-1 infected individuals, that is particularly frequent in homo- and bisexual men. The relative risk of acquiring KS

in the latter patients is > 10,000 {909}; it has been reduced with the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) {212}, although this has not been proven yet for oral KS {1993,2120}.

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