Based on histology rather than age, rhabdomyomas are divided into three types: fetal, juvenile (intermediate), and adult.

Fetal rhabdomyoma (FRM) are 2-3 times more common in males and have been described in patients from birth to 65 years of age; about half of all patients are

15 years old or older at the time of diagnosis {597,1271}.

Juvenile rhabdomyomas (JRM) are 2 times more common in males and have been observed in patients from 5 months to 58 years of age (average 18 years) {508,1271}.

Adult rhabdomyomas (ARM) are 3-5 times more common in males and occur in an older population. About 80-90% of patients are over the age of 40 years (median 55-60 years, range 15 months to 82 years) {597,1272}.

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