Differential diagnosis

The following tumours require exclusion: papillary cystic variant of acinic cell carcinoma, (PCVACC) and other variants of cystadenocarcinoma. PCVACC contains vacuolated cells similar to the microvac-uolated cells of LGCCC. However the vacuoles of the latter are smaller, refrac-tile, and associated with a yellow to brown pigment, while areas with PAS positive diastase resistant fine cytoplas-mic granules will be found in the former. Conventional cystadenocarcinoma differ from LGCCC by the lack of intraductal proliferation, golden brown pigment, solid cellular foci, and overall resemblance to atypical hyperplasia or carci-noma-in-situ of the breast. Cystadeno-carcinoma tends to be an invasive tumour, whereas LGCCC is usually contained within cysts {790}.

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