Adenoid cystic carcinoma

Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) is very uncommon in the larynx and forms only 0.07-0.25% of all laryngeal carcinomas {732,2475}, accounting for 1% of all ACC {2446}. Only 120 reported cases were identified in a literature review {642}. Most occur between the fourth and sixth decades {1039}. The majority are subglottic (60%) or supraglottic (35%) and the true cords are involved in only 6% of cases {1573}. The microscopic features and outcome of laryngeal ACC are the same as in other sites {469,1942}.

Other salivary-type tumours

A variety of other carcinomas have been reported in the seromucous glands of the larynx. However, they are very rare and

Table 3.3 Salivary gland-type neoplasms of the larynx*.

Tumour types No of cases %

Pleomorphic adenoma

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