Relationship Between PRL and Stress

On the other hand, PRL has been associated with stress regulation and sleep. Several studies have demonstrated that different types of stressors may have different effects on sleep (García-García, Beltrán-Parrazal, Jimenez-Anguiano, Vega-González, and Drucker-Colín 1998; Palma, Suchecki, and Tufik 2000). One and two hours stress by immobilization applied at the beginning of the dark period is followed by a significant REMS rebound during 10 consecutive hours after stress (Rampin, Cespuglio, Chastrette, and Jouvet 1991). Although, the response to immobilization is often limited to increase in REMS, but sometimes clear increases in NREMS could be observed (Gonzalez, Debilly, Valatx, and Jouvet 1995; Bouyer, Deminiere, Mayo, and Le Moal 1997). In addition, the activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis by stress elicited PRL secretion (Gala 1990; Akema, Chiba, Oshida, Kimura, and Toyoda 1995). Bodosi, Obál, Gardi, Komlodi, Fang, and Krueger (2000) showed that ether exposition as a stressor increases REMS and PRL secretion in rats, suggesting that PRL secretion could be involved in the mediation of the stress-induced increase in REMS. Spontaneous REMS rebound disappear after exposure to ether stress in HYPOX rats and with the administration of PRL-antiserum. However, PRL-antiserum decreases spontaneous REMS in absence of exposure to ether vapor. These authors suggest that the i.c.v. injections of PRL-antiserum may modify REM sleep propensity independently of PRL secretion (Bodosi et al. 2000). These findings suggest that PRL plays an important role in stress regulation and that PRL could be the hormone responsible of the increase REMS after stress. Other data support this hypothesis because in different strains of mice the PRL plasma levels was significantly increased after restraint stress (Meerlo, Easton, Bergmann, and Turek 2001). Nevertheless, it has been reported that after 24-h of sleep disturbance, the mRNA expression levels of prolactin did not change (Ogawa et al. 2005).

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