PRL Expression and REMS

In a mutant mouse model, mice lacking an interferon type I receptor have very low levels of hypothalamic PRL mRNA and approximately a 30% reduction in REMS during both the light and the dark period (Bohnet, Traynor, Majde, Kacsoh, and Krueger 2004). Recently, it has been reported that total time in REMS is reduced in mice that produce a biologically inactive 11 kDa PRL-immunoreactive polypeptide because of a targeted disruption of the PRL gene. In addition, the same study suggested that these mice are not responding neither to stress nor VIP administration but REMS is restored after 14 days of PRL therapy (Obal et al. 2005). According of this findings it is plausible to suggest that the actions of PRL on REMS mechanism are indirect, involving perhaps the brainstem structures and neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine.

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