Many individuals played instrumental roles in the development and completion of this new volume entitled Neuroimmunology of Sleep. This book provides an introduction to the ever-expanding interface between sleep and immunity. An enterprise of this sort is challenging, and the editors received a lot of help from several people. We are delighted to acknowledge some of these here.

We were fortunate to experience a warm, professional, and highly enthusiastic support from Kathleen P. Lyons, Editorial Director, Biomedicine, Springer, USA. Her commitment to excellence was a strong guiding force throughout the development of this volume. The wonderfully talented people at Springer group made this project a pleasurable one. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the help of Claire B. Wynperle, Editorial Assistant, Springer, USA.

A very special appreciation is also owed to several reviewers who made numerous helpful suggestions. Their candid comments and insights were invaluable.

Finally, we express our gratitude to our families for their patience and support.

S.R. Pandi-Perumal D.P. Cardinali George Chrousos

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