Vascular Lesions

Cavernous malformations may present with either seizures (50% of cases), clinical hemorrhage (up to 10%) or a progressive neurological deficit (in about 25%). These lesions may be single or multiple. Another vascular pathology

- Sturge-Weber syndrome - is susceptible to surgical treatment at several points in its natural history. Mostly unilateral in extent and generally based in the occipital or frontal regions, not only does its natural history include extension of the lesion itself, but the secondary neurophysiological consequences arising from processes such as kindling and secondary epileptogenesis may cause diversification of seizure type, increase in seizure severity and, with these, intellectual deterioration. Resections of various sizes can be used to treat epilepsy associated with these lesions but hemispherec-tomy may be the only effective solution if there is a gross hemiplegia. Some advise early hemispherectomy, accepting the resulting hemianopia and hemiplegia, which will probably develop anyway, as a reasonable trade-off for freedom from seizures and intellectual deterioration. Erba and Cavazutti suggested that although hemispherectomy was appropriate in some cases, in others between the ages of 2 and 5, where there is a localized lesion and only partial seizures, then partial resection may be more appropriate [27]. Brain plasticity and reorganization make the consequences of this major intervention at a very young age much less severe than if it is delayed. Occasionally, callosotomy is used to improve control of drop attacks and generalized seizures, where too great an increase in the neurological deficit would result from hemispherectomy or multi-lobar resection.

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