Ultrasonic Perivascular Flow Probe

An ultrasound-based device previously used in vascular and cardiac surgery, the ultrasonic perivascular flow probe, has recently been used in cerebrovascular procedures - typically, aneurysm surgery [21]. This probe uses ultrasound transit time to measure blood flow, using a small pencil-like device with a semicircular tip. The tip is positioned such that the vessel of interest is contained within the diameter of the semicircle. A quantitative measure of cerebral blood flow is obtained and the accuracy of the technique has been convincingly validated. With this device, blood flow in individual cerebral vessels can be quantified immediately following aneurysm clipping, to verify sufficiency of flow in the parent artery or nearby perforating arteries [21]. The technique is fast, easy to perform and can be repeated with multiple clip applications. We have found it extremely useful in the surgical repair of complex aneurysms, alone or as a quantitative adjunct to intraoperative angiography.

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