Tumor Cell Invasiveness and Migration

As we achieve better local tumor control, effective therapy for HGGs will ultimately require treatment strategies to address the diffusely infiltrative component of HGGs. Accordingly, intense investigation has recently focused on the cellular and molecular biological characteristics underlying glioma tumor cell migration and invasion. Glioma tumor cell migration and invasion involve the coordination of various cellular processes, which include tumor cell adhesion to specific substrate(s), motility and protease-mediated degradation of extracellular matrix (ECM). Not surprisingly, important roles in this process have been attributed to: proteins that enhance motility (motogens), ECM components and adhesion molecules that provide anchors or permissive substrates for migration, cytoskeletal elements that provide the structural elements for locomotion, and proteases and their regulators that degrade non-permissive elements of the ECM and thus facilitate cellular migration.

Treatment strategies intended to limit tumor cell migration and invasion include agents such

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