TRISS Probability of Survival

Prospective studies indicate that one would be able to calculate the probability of survival if the following variables are available: ISS, RTS, age and the mechanism of injury. The probability of survival (Ps) is expressed by the following formula:

Ps = 1/(1 + e-b), where b = b0 + bl(RTS) + b2(ISS) + b3(AgeIndex).

The coefficients b0-b3 are derived from multiple regression analysis of the Major Trauma Outcome Study (MTOS) databases. AgeIndex is 0 if the patient is under 54 years of age or 1 if 55 years and over. Coefficients b0 and b3 are different for blunt and penetrating trauma. If the patient is under 15 years, the blunt coefficients are used, regardless of mechanism [12].

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