Neuroendoscopy carries a steep learning curve and involves the acquisition of a variety of novel skills, including those relating to: the selection of patients; the imaging; the operating room set-up; the equipment; the practice of operating from a monitor with only two-dimensional images; working in close concert with an assistant; and being alive to a number of parameters that have to be monitored. There are also a number of hard-learned tips that are better assimilated in advance, rather than re-discovered anew.

Neuroendoscopy also lends itself to workshop training. In recognition of this, a number of 'hands-on' courses have been established, such as those in Mainz, Germany; St Louis, USA; and London, England. From the time that the author first established the Nottingham neu-roendoscopy course, now held at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, it has been apparent from personal feedback that participants have benefited from attendance. It has been of particular significance when some

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