Timing of Radiation Therapy

Although studies have shown that radiation therapy reduces the likelihood for tumor recurrence following subtotal resection and produces results similar to those of complete resection, the timing of radiation therapy is controversial. Given the potential side-effects of radiation and long natural history of this disease, some believe it is reasonable to use radiation therapy only when tumors recur [21]. Others believe that immediate treatment is warranted because any delay may shorten survival, decrease the interval between recurrences, increase the risk of malignant transformation, and decrease the likelihood of salvage with radiation as a result of increasing tumor burden.

For malignant histology, many oncologists recommend immediate radiation treatment (6000 cGy) following surgery, regardless of the extent of resection, owing to the very high rates of local recurrence [21]. For patients with atypical histology, the role of radiation therapy is not as clear, although patients who undergo

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