Threedimensional Conformal Radiotherapy 3DCRT

With this type of treatment, three-dimensional computer planning systems are used to deliver radiation that conforms to the shape of the tumor. During the initial planning phase (simulation), a thermoplastic mask is used to immobilize the patient to ensure reproducible, accurate set-ups. CT or MRI is used to localize the tumor. These images are then transferred to a high-speed computer. This allows the physician to contour the normal structures and tumor. A dosimetrist or physicist will then plan the field orientation and optimize the dose distribution. The beams may be shaped using custom-made blocks or collimators. A beam's eye view can be created to determine the orientation of the radiation beams, which helps to tailor the radiation dose around the tumor. Dose-volume histograms can be used to calculate a defined tumor volume that will receive a given percentage of the dose, which allows for the comparison of plans. The 3D-CRT has two main limitations: the accuracy of the results depends heavily on the planner's skills, and multiple iterations are required to develop an optimal plan.

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