Surgical Reconstruction

There are many different techniques and modifications of surgical procedures used to correct the deformities associated with syndromic cran-iosynostosis. There are also differences in opinion regarding the timing for the surgical corrections of the various anatomic regions. These complex problems require the close cooperation between the craniofacial surgeon, neurosurgeon and pediatric anesthesiologist. We will review the approach at the University of Virginia to the treatment of these deformities by anatomic region.

Early calvarial decompression for syndromic craniosynostosis is primarily directed towards release of the fused suture. In addition to this, frontal bone reshaping/advancement, superior-lateral orbital rim reconstruction with advancement of 10-20 mm and possible cranial vault reshaping, when necessary in cases of severe brachyturricephaly, can be accomplished (Fig. 26.7). Fixation of the osseous segments has evolved to resorbable fixation plates in all cases, in addition to using resorbable suture suspension. Synostotic suture release is indicated before 18 months of age and preferably in early infancy, before the first year of life. There are differences in opinion regarding the optimal time within the first year of life to perform this calvarial reconstruction, however. Some

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