Surface Lesions

For access to lesions on the brain surface, guidance with registered images allows the performance of a small craniotomy, planned to give maximal exposure of the tumor and at the same time decreasing the extent of exposure. The disruption of normal tissue is minimized. Most importantly, an accurate craniotomy decreases the brain retraction required. This is of particular value in convexity meningiomas, where excessive brain retraction leads to postoperative swelling, which may be difficult to control and may lead to significant morbidity. A lower degree of brain manipulation decreases the risk of a post-operative intracerebral hematoma. In meningioma surgery, a smaller bone flap also decreases the intraoperative blood loss. The brain shift associated with surface lesions has been studied [9,10]. It is more predictable than for deeper lesions, and consists of bulging of the lesion and the surrounding brain on opening the dura; this is associated with an outward movement of the deep brain/tumor interface. The cortex at the resection site sinks back on completion of resection.

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