Image-guided neurosurgery depends on the registration of pre-operatively acquired images with the physical space of the patient on the operating table. With the aid of a computer workstation and a tracking device, the neurosurgeon is able to obtain a three-dimensional, visual, real-time image of a registered probe in relation to the patient's anatomy and pathology. Image guidance facilitates localization of target structures and their anatomical relations and allows the pre-operative planning of the ideal, minimal risk, trajectory. It has become a useful tool in the surgical management of intracra-nial tumors and has also been applied to arteriovenous malformations, pericallosal aneurysms, epilepsy surgery, intracranial endoscopy and spinal surgery. The principal problem is the system's dependence on pre-operatively acquired images; perioperative updating of these images by perioperative magnetic resonance imaging overcomes this difficulty.

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