Structural Brain Imaging

MRI scanning must now represent the gold standard because it reveals over 95% of structural abnormalities within the brain. This has also lessened the need for invasive neurophysi-ological recording. Mesial temporal sclerosis varies in its severity and laterality [5] and the ability to demonstrate this lesion will vary according to the MRI technique available. The subtle changes of mesial temporal sclerosis can now be shown using sophisticated analysis. In addition to sequences in which the change is obvious, when the condition is severe, there are a number of other analyses and sequences, such as volumetric analysis and FLAIR sequences, which are helpful in delineating this condition. Cortical neuronal migration disorder can exist in diverse forms, some of which are amenable to focal resective surgery and others which are not [6]. MRI can also show when pathology is more widespread or multiple, as in cortical neuronal migration disorder or when there may be dual pathology. If the demonstrated lesion in a particular patient does not correspond to the other data, then other modalities of the pre-surgical assessment must be used to resolve the matter.

MR spectroscopy has been shown to be useful in three areas. It can demonstrate bilateral disease, loss of neuronal function both in mesial temporal sclerosis [7] and cortical neuronal migration disorder, and it is often lateralized to the same side as other indicators of the epileptic focus. However, the techniques for determin ing N-acetylaspartate NAA, creatinine and choline and their ratios are difficult and, essentially, this is likely to remain a research tool.

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