Strategies for Reducing Complications

The risk of damage to the basilar artery and its branches and to cranial nerves can be minimized by careful attention to: the local anatomy on pre-operative imaging; care in selecting a point on the floor of the third ventricle that is just posterior to the infundibular recess, rather than just anterior to the mammillary bodies; and a cautious technique for opening the floor of the third ventricle. It is worth reiterating that the only constant feature on the anterior third-ventricle floor is the pink, vascular area signaling the infundibular recess. The mammillary bodies in the first few months of life are surprisingly flat, and may only be identified by the very small whisker-like arteries running over them; the surface of the ventricular floor may be featureless or scarred as a result of previous infection or hemorrhage, or distorted by tumor invasion. Although a very fine ultrasound probe has been of value in identifying a 'safe', sonically silent area, the technology is very expensive and

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