Stereotactic Radiosurgery

sized VS, particularly if hearing and/or facial nerve preservation on the affected side is paramount. It is increasingly considered (at least by the patients) to be the primary procedure of choice for those with small tumors. It is often chosen to treat recurrent tumors. There are indications that recurrence after microsurgery may be the result of less radical removal in an attempt to achieve hearing preservation. In our material of over 500 acoustic neuromas referred for radiosurgery, 36% had one or more previous operations on their tumor. This is a particularly important group as, owing to the almost uniformly present post-operative hearing loss, they may not have new symptoms until the tumor is large and causes ataxia. One of the common criticisms of radiosurgery relates to the need for follow-up imaging - true, but the high proportion of post-surgical cases in our material suggests that vigilance is necessary even after excision; the notion that microsurgery is a "definitive treatment", without the risk of recurrence, is a myth. Long-term supervision is warranted after all treatments of these tumors, whether surgery or radiosurgery is applied.

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