Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Fig. 8.1.a-d. Obliteration of cerebral AVM 2 years after gamma knife radiosurgery: 25 Gy peripheral dose used. a PA view. b Lateral view. c PA view after radiosurgery. d Lateral view after radiosurgery.

slowly after radiation but it is not eliminated fully until obliteration is complete. No doubt, the slow response during the latent period contributes to the safety of the method, avoiding pressure-breakthrough hemorrhage by altering the hemodynamics slowly. A speedier reaction could be achieved by higher radiation doses, but the incidence of permanent untoward neurological sequelae may then rise above 5%. The current dose regimens achieve this while achieving overall obliteration rates of 75%, or considerably better in more favorable cases.

It is not possible to give a strict system of criteria for suitability, as the decision as to which technique to use, or which one to use first, is multifactorial. The site, shape and size of the nidus, the angio-architecture, the patient's age, general health, etc., are all factors in this decision. Each case should be considered in a mul-tidisciplinary fashion by a team that has all

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