Speech and Language Therapy SLT

Many patients with brain injury have difficulties with communication which SLT aims to improve. For this purpose, the speech and language therapists work closely with the clinical psychologists, as communication skills are closely related to cognitive functions. Difficulties in communication have an impact on other issues such as safety in the home, in travelling, marketing and handling money. Improvement of communication following a brain injury parallels structural recovery, as well as the development of compensatory mechanisms and alternative means of communication. Therapy sessions reinforce functional recovery, with improvement in verbal and non-verbal communication. Where improvement fails to occur, alternative means such as visual cues in pictures and word boards have to be considered. Development of electronic technology has greatly improved communications strategies and computer software designed to meet individual needs is now in general use. However, where there is added cognitive impairment, some of these alternative strategies may not be appropriate.

Speech and language therapists work closely with occupational therapists, as some of the activities of daily living (ADL) require sufficient verbal and writing skills and the ability to follow instructions. These factors are taken into consideration during goal planning and review and in planning appropriate discharge.

Severe brain injury may result in swallowing difficulties and the speech and language therapists also assess safety of food intake. They liaise with the nursing staff and dieticians regarding the nature of food that can be consumed and the method of feeding.

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