Somatic Alterations in Meningiomas

Cytogenetic studies and analyses of loss of heterozygosity of certain DNA markers in menin-giomas suggested the existence of genes that play a role in meningioma development. In spite of the fact that meningiomas are cytogenetically among the best characterized solid tumors in humans, the responsible genes residing in the frequently affected chromosomes remain unidentified. Alterations of the chromosome 22 occur in about 60% of meningiomas, while other cytogenetic alterations such as loss of genetic material on chromosomes 1p, 14q, 10 and 18q, as well as gains on 20q, 12q, 15q and 1q, are less frequent. Some of these changes were associated with progression of menin-giomas to more aggressive forms. To date, only the importance of a chromosome 22 deletion in meningioma tumorigenesis has been clearly demonstrated with the cloning of the NF-2 gene.

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